BlueberriesHere at Simon Baynes Wholesale, we’re proud to supply our customers with a wide range of locally sourced produce (wherever possible). Locally sourced food comes to us in many forms however popular choices include fruits, vegetables and dairy products.


Locally sourced produce is an investment, which we discussed in our previous blog post (Happy Produce, Happy Customers). Businesses who work with us are just as passionate as we are to provide the end-user with a healthier and sustainable lifestyle as well as offer them with the opportunity to explore their local food scene. If you are wondering what constitutes as locally sourced food and why you should choose it and please do keep reading on.


What’s considered as locally sourced food?


Passion FruitBy definition, locally sourced food is products which are grown within 100 miles of where the food is served and eaten. We work with the best suppliers and growers across Yorkshire who provides us with only the best ingredients. As a 100-year-old family-run business, we’ve built up a first-class reputation, which continues to grow due to our reliability and mission to supply only the best produce to our customers.


Why should you choose locally sourced Produce?

There are a number of reasons why many businesses in the food industry decide to purchase locally sourced food. The main reason is that locally sourced food has a lot more nutrients in them than food which is transported from far away. Locally sourced food is of superior quality, tastes better and promotes good health, which appeals to health-conscious consumers. 



In addition, locally grown fruits and veggies provide culinary variety as the products will change from season to season. By investing in local food, you’ll also contribute Potatoesto a sustainable agricultural economy, which will generate good crop rotation, which in turn helps keeps the soil in great condition.


How does locally sourced produce contribute to the environment?

Being environmentally friendly is so important and we all have to work together in order to reduce our carbon footprint. By purchasing local food from Simon Baynes Wholesale, there is a reduction in the distribution chain, meaning you’ll always get the best produce and more importantly. There will be less food waste.



AsparagusWhat should you do consider when choosing locally sourced food?

Locally sourced produce is an investment in your customers, who will return time and time again if you offer them a memorable dining experience. Local produce is fresher, healthier, tastes better, contains more nutrients than produce transports from far away as well as allows your customers to generate an appreciation for great seasonal produce.


As previously mentions, including locally sourced food into your business will provide you with high-quality produce which will benefit your local economy. Choosing Simon Baynes Wholesale as your one-stop-shop of all your produce suppliers will increase sustainability and food security in North and East Riding of Yorkshire. Many businesses have invested in locally sourced food. Will you be next?


For more information on our services please email or give us a call on 01904 413418 – we can provide produce for both businesses and the general public.


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