Whether you love them or loathe them, 4 April will mark International Carrot Day. International Carrot Day is celebrated across the globe and was created to encourage more people to eat their carrots. Here at Simon Baynes Wholesale, we love our carrots, in fact, we love them so much that we have an extensive range of carrot products.
We have been in business since 1918, so we know plenty of interesting facts about carrots which will make you want to eat more of them.
1. Carrots can be left in the ground over the winter
Most produce need to be harvested before the winter so that they don’t become inedible, this isn’t the case for the mighty carrot which has the power to freeze itself in the ground! The soil acts as an insulator, you can cover the carrots with mulch which will prevent the carrots from freezing, meaning you will be able to harvest them over the winter months with no problem. Alternatively, you can wait until the spring to dig them out of the ground. You'll find that carrots harvested throughout winter will be sweeter and is perfect in desserts.
2. Carrots are made up of 88% water!
We’re not expecting you to become Bugs Bunny by chomping on carrots every day but by adding carrot to dishes it will help increase your water intake which is important to ensure a healthy body.
3. Carrots come in different colours
Orange is the most common carrot colour, but did you know that you can also get them in purple, white and yellow?! We sell a wide range of different coloured carrots to help add a dash of colour to dishes. Having done some research, the first documented carrots were purple and then over time, a genetic mutation caused purple carrots to lose their colour and become orange. There are around 20 species of carrot worldwide and we sell the majority of them.#
4. Cooked carrots are better for you then eat carrots raw
Cooking your carrots releases beta-carotene, that provides your body with Vitamin A Carrotswhich helps with eyesight, enhances your immune system and ensures healthy skin. There is roughly 2-4% of beta-carotene in raw carrots whilst cooking them provides you with around 40% of beta-carotene. You can add cooked carrots to a number of dishes including soups, salads, curries and more.
5. Carrots have seeds 
Yep, it’s true that carrots do have seeds! You probably won’t have seen them as farmers harvest the seeds from the white flowers that that grow from the carrots and sprout out of the group. Interestingly enough, carrots don’t create traditional seeds, in fact, its classes as a schizocarp which is a dry fruit composed of a number of carpels. Carrot seeds are also used in spice and herbal meds.
Carrots are a popular product here at Simon Baynes Wholesale as they are high in quality, fresh and locally sourced wherever possible. Want to find out more about our carrot goodies? Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us, we'd love to hear from you.
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