According to reports, a bad dining experience can negatively impact your business. If you don’t rectify the situation as a matter of urgency, then word will get out and customer footfall could potentially decrease. One of the best investments you can make is to spend a few extra pounds to bring in high-quality fresh produce, which will keep your customers happy and ensure repeat custom. Here at Simon Baynes Wholesale, we locally source all of our produce (wherever possible) to ensure that we offer only the best.


Here are four reasons why you should buy your produce from Simon Baynes Wholesale:


Fruit and Veg BoxesHigh-quality fresh produce tastes and looks better

The produce that we supply to businesses, for example, veg, fruit, cheeses, potatoes and herbs are all picked at their peak. This is done so that our clients always receive the best, which results in their customers enjoying an amazing dining experience. Working with local suppliers means you’ll always receive flavoursome and fresh produce, in fact, it is sometimes possible that you’ll receive produce which has only been picked that morning!


Local food is better for you

By working with Simon Baynes Wholesale, you’ll receive fresh produce, which is full of nutrients. These nutrients can be easily lost when the produce is imported from far away, meaning it is older and is left to sit on trucks, planes and warehouses before it gets to you. We're passionate about getting fresh produce to you as soon as possible so that you can provide your customers with a memorable food experience.


Local food builds community

When you buy from us, you're engaging in a time-honoured connection between eater, supplier and grower. It also offers you the opportunity to discover the difference between fresh nutritious produce vs products that you can get from large corporate organisations. Once you’ve tasted fresh locally grown produce, you won’t turn back.


Local produce is an investment in the future

By championing locally sourced produce, you’re supporting suppliers and farmers and ensuring that they remain in your community not just tomorrow, but for years to come.



Interested in investing in the high-quality fresh produce? Get in touch with us today and discuss how we can supply you with happy produce which will result in happy customers.


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