Cleaning ProductsIts common sense that all kitchens should be kept clean and tidy, legally businesses have to ensure hygiene standards are met to protect their customers and staff. We are sure you know a clean kitchen is down to the people who work in it, who will take immense pride in their work and ensure high standards are upheld.


Although we are widely known for our high-quality produce supplies, did you know that here at Simon Baynes Wholesale, we also supply a diverse range of kitchen aids and cleaning products so that you can keep your workplace in tip-top condition? Below, we’ll recommend what you need to do to ensure a spotless and clean kitchen environment.


The Invisibles

Unfortunately, bacteria cannot be seen, so even if you run a very clean kitchen it can easily become contaminated, which will create mayhem in your café, hotel or restaurant. By being implementing a regular and thorough cleaning routine, you’ll have a better system in place which will prevent the spread of germs. According to the Health and Safety of Work Act, your business must have a cleaning schedule, which you and your team has to adhere too. Environment Health Officers can visit you at little notice so you need to be able to demonstrate and show how to maintain a safe and clean kitchen, by doing this it will also show that you respect the rules which have been put in place to protect your customers and team. You need to think about where build-ups can occur and what you can do to reduce hygiene hazards within your workplace.


There is a huge difference between a deep clean and a clean, sometimes areas which cannot be seen can easily be missed, which is why a cleaning structure, which states what type of clean is required is the best approach to take. Many businesses who we work with keep a list stuck on the wall so everyone in the kitchen is reminded of what areas need to be clean. When it comes to a deep clean, don’t forget to


  • Go behind and underneath all appliances
  • On top of the shelves and across all skirting boards
  • All base surfaces
  • Around the seals of the fridges and freezers
  • Areas which are not accessible
  • All the walls and light fittings


You might be thinking that these areas tend to look clean, but they aren’t and will be a haven for dirt, grease and grime, which will build up and will cause a contamination risk. This could result in your business’s reputation being damage and the last thing you want is customer getting ill after dining out with you.

Blue Roll


Divvying up Duties

Once you have a cleaning schedule in place, we’d recommend writing up a list of cleaning tasks and listing them in order of priority. You could also split the duties into time slots and daily, weekly and monthly chores. The tasks should be divided fairly amongst your team and by providing them with a checklist this will allow them to keep track of what they need to do throughout the day. Providing staff with cleaning responsibilities will ensure hygiene standards are upheld and should be regularly audited by the Head Chef to make sure everything is running smoothly.


Jobs which can easily be done during shifts, include cleaning food prep areas, replacing towels and cloths with fresh ones and washing equipment such as boards and utensils. It is highly recommended that Grills are wiped down after each order, we have a range of multi-purpose cleaners which are perfect for the job!


All appliances (and surfaces) should be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised every day. Floors can be washing with a good quality anti-bacterial solution, which can be purchased from Simon Baynes Wholesale.


Weekly Tasks

  • Fridges should be cleaned and all unsuitable food removed
  • Sinks, taps and drains sanitised
  • Kettles de-scaled
  • Other machinery cleaned using a good quality cleaning product


Monthly Tasks

  • Perform a deep clean using products like degreasers, anti-bacterial cleaners and hard surface solutions and more. It is recommended that this is done when the business is closed
  • Defrost freezers
  • Clean storage areas and hard to reach areas


The reward of taking pride in your commercial kitchen far outweighs the penalties when it comes to a clean and safe kitchen. By following a religious cleaning structure will ensure you will have a glowing food safety record which is the ultimate marketing tool, which you will be able to use for publicity purposes.


Here at Simon Baynes Wholesale, we are home to a number of cleaning products and aids such as dishwasher detergent, blue roll, oven cleaner, wire brushes and scrapers, cloths, paper towels plus much more! For more information call 01904 413418 or email 


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