With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many restaurants are going to be busy catering for couples celebrating the most romantic time of the year. February 14 is going to be an exceptionally busy time for us as we’ll be packing our delivery vans with delicious locally sourced produce. This produce will be delivered to businesses across York and beyond so that the dedicated chefs can begin lovingly preparing their dishes. 


There’s a lot of love here at Simon Baynes Wholesale, our loyal team of pickers and specialist buyers are passionate about delivering high quality produce to businesses across the region. With this in mind, let us share with you what produce our team loves at Simon Baynes Wholesale:


Passion Fruit





Tracy: Passion Fruit

Tracy who has been working at Simon Baynes Wholesale for years enjoys a number of products which we supply to both businesses and the public. If she had to choose which product she loves the most is would be the Passion Fruit. Tracy says: “I love the tang and zest of the fruit which will always add that little special something to a dish. Our Passion Fruits are high quality and a popular product with our customers. I also like the colouring of them once they have been opened up.”







Bistro Salad





Jerry: Bistro Salad

Jerry loves our Bistro Salad with is filled with rocket, lamb’s lettuce, red chard and bull’s blood. Jerry says “The Bistro Salad is a favourite of mine as it makes a perfect sandwich filler. I use it on my sandwiches and would happily have it as a filler every day. It also goes well with ham, beef or cheese which is great if you fancy a bit of a sandwich change. Chefs use our Bistro Salad in Main Courses as well as starters, the Bistro Salad is a popular choice, however, it sells like hotcakes in the summer when customers are more inclined to eat a salad”.






Fentimans Drinks. Picture taken from Fentimans' website




Callum: Soft Drinks

Callum is a fan of the soft drinks we supply at Simon Baynes Wholesale. We provide a wide range of drinks to quench your thirst, including Harrogate Spring Water, fizzy drinks such as Coca-Cola, cranberry juice, Fentimans branded drinks plus more. Callum says “My personal favourite is the San Pellegrino drinks. They are made using the finest natural mineral water and are ideal to drink whilst on the go or enjoying a meal with your mates.”





Simon Baynes Wholesale is an Aladdin Cave filled with an extensive range of delicious produce. What produce do you love at Simon Baynes Wholesale? Tweet us your fave at @bayneswholesale or send us a message on Facebook.   


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