AsparagusVersatile, tasty and filled with intense flavours, asparagus is one of those vegetables that most chefs like to have in their dishes. Here at Simon Baynes Wholesale, we locally source our asparagus (wherever possible), as we pride ourselves on providing customers with high-quality produce.


High-quality produce is fresh and filled with nutrients which can be easily lost when products are transported from far away. Investing in quality produce is an investment. It means you are positively investing in your reputation and more importantly your customers, who will dine with you time and time again as well as recommend you to others.


There are plenty of surprising facts about asparagus which we’d love to share with you. Unfortunately, there are so many quirky facts that we’ll end up writing a book if we listed them all. We’ve chosen our top four favourites, so read on to discover four surprising facts about the nation’s favourite vegetable!


Asparagus comes in a variety of different colours

Thought asparagus was only green? Think again! Asparagus can also come and white and purple colours too!


Green asparagus is the most common colour. Green asparagus has more flavour than its white and purple counterparts, however, that shouldn’t put you off exploring the alternatives. Created without light, the white asparagus is mild in taste, meaning it is perfect for those who prefer dishes with less flavour. The purple asparagus has a more fruity kick to it and according to reports, it tastes the best when eaten raw. Purple asparagus also has more sugar in it and a lower amount of fibre compared to its equivalents. Funnily enough, if you cook purple asparagus for a certain amount of time, it actually turns green! Funny little asparagus’!


Asparagus has Superpowers

Each spear of asparagus has about 4 calories, meaning you can enjoy eating as much of this tasty vegetable as you wish without putting on the pounds. The vegetable also contains no fat or cholesterol which means it is a healthy option for your customers.


Asparagus is a wet product

It doesn’t look like a wet product but the bottom of the asparagus needs to be kept wrapped in order to preserve its longevity. Using a sheet of plastic around the bottom is the best way to preserve the water, however, as a business who is passionate about reducing our plastic footprint, we now use a small sheet of plastic around this area to maintain the produce. We are constantly looking for new ways to be environmentally friendly and it is our mission to further reduce our plastic usage, which is why we were recently in the York Press discussing our commitment to become eco-friendly.


Asparagus is a force to be reckoned with

Although a delicate vegetable, asparagus is actually strong and can put up with being boiled, steamed, grilled and roasted, which demonstrates how versatile a product it is. There has been a huge increase in people using asparagus during BBQ season and we hope this trend continues to thrive.


Asparagus is filled with flavour and nutrients, which is why it is fast becoming one of the nation’s favourite vegetables. How do you use asparagus in your dishes? Message us to let us know via Facebook or Tweet us via Twitter.


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