Here at Simon Baynes Wholesale, we believe in supporting local suppliers who provide us with high-quality produce. Our potatoes are a popular product and we regularly distribute them to a wide range of organisations across York and beyond. Our potatoes come from Woodside Farm in Bishopthorpe as well as Cockerill in Dunnington, we work with these two suppliers as they share our passion to supply businesses with the finest potato produce.


Our potato products are popular, but there is one potato in particular which always comes out on top – the Valor potato. Our Valors are our most in-demand potato product for a number of reasons and many leave our premises on a daily basis. The reason why Valor potatoes are so popular is because they have long shelf dates and are an all-round variety potato. Valor potatoes can be used for boiling, mashing, baking, roasting and frying, meaning they are incredibly versatile.


Not all potatoes taste the same, but the Valor potato is white skinned with creamy flesh which makes it stand out from the crowd. Valors can be used in all types of recipes and are comforting with every mouthful, bringing back memories of when you enjoyed a homemade Shepherd’s Pie at home or in your favourite restaurant.


Valor potatoes also have a distinctive flavour, meaning they are just as great on their own as well as part of a main dish. Supplying high-quality potatoes is what it’s all about, if you provide your customers with amazing produce then they will come back to you time and time again as well as providing you with great word of mouth recommendations about your business to others.


Our clients love our Valor potatoes; in fact, we regularly receive amazing feedback from them praising our Valors because of their quality and freshness. Quality and freshness is key if you’re keen to offer your customer an outstanding dining experience.


Haven’t tried our Valor potatoes? Call us on 01904 413418 or order some today – no order is too big or small. 


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