March is widely known as Veggie Month which is all about highlighting the positive benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle. Here at Simon Baynes Wholesale, we’re not going to try and encourage you to become a vegetarian, but we’re going to highlight why eating your veg will provide you with many health benefits as well as recommend veg-friendly places that you should dine out at in York.


We deliver hundreds of veg produce to businesses across York and beyond on a daily basis. Veg is at the heart of many dishes as it provides you with many health benefits. Our vegetables are all locally sourced, which means there are plenty of added nutrients in the produce which are normally lost if the produce is imported from far away (you can find out about why locally sourced food is better for you in one of our previous blog posts, click here). Veg is vital for health and maintenance of your body and if it isn’t part of your day-to-day diet, then you are likely to increase the risk of chronic diseases. Veg is low in fat and calories and is rich in potassium, vitamin A and C, Folate and more – veg is truly your friend.


We’re regularly asked what veg-friendly places there are in York which we’d recommend eating out at. York is filled with an abundance of places to dine at, that unfortunately, we cannot name them all. Below you’ll find three places we’d recommend. If you want any additional recommendation then ask us via our Facebook or Twitter page.


El Piano Dessert


El Piano

15-17 Grape Lane, York, YO1 7HU

01904 610676


El Piano is a multi-award-winning café/restaurant based on Grape Lane in York. El Piano serves veg-friendly, gluten free, nut free and palm oil free food which is popular with both locals and tourists alike.


El Piano serves a delicious range of dishes using produce from Simon BaynesWholesale, including Dhals, Sea Cakes, Fritatas, Taster Dishes and more! El Piano is open every day – do check with them before venturing out to dine with them – and offers a unique dining experience which should not be missed.  




Food and Kennedys

Kennedys Bar and Restaurant

1 Little Stonegate, York, YO1 8AX

01904 620222


Situated on Little Stonegate, Kennedy’s Bar and Restaurant is set in a lively cosmopolitan area, which is filled with many eateries, bars and independent boutique shops. Kennedy’s is a stylish and modern venue, which is perfect for those wanting to drink, dine or both!


Kennedy’s is open seven days a week and boasts a delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner menu which has something for everyone to enjoy. Kennedys uses Simon Baynes Wholesale produce due to its freshness and quality and they receive plenty of amazing reviews from customers who rave about their food menu. There is no wonder why Kennedy’s is top 35 places to dine out at York on TripAdvisor out of 935 eateries.  



Food at Lucia


Lucia Wine, Bar and Grill

13 Swinegate Court East, York, YO1 8AJ

01904 731599


Based on Swinegate, Lucia Wine Bar and Grill is a must for anyone looking to eat out, especially if you love Italian food. Lucia provides an al fresco dining experience in a beautiful setting and each dish is lovingly prepared to the highest standard to ensure you have a great time whilst dining out with them.


Lucia is a long-term customer of ours and we’re both passionate about locally sourced, fresh and high quality produce. Lucia regularly receives amazing reviews on TripAdvisor about their food offering, which is heart-warming to see. You can view their amazing TripAdvisor reviews here.



Like both El Piano and Kennedy’s, Lucia is open seven days a week. All three eateries are well-respected and offer unique dining experiences, which includes plenty of delicious veg. If you’re looking to eat out in York then we’d urge you to pop El Piano, Kennedy’s and Lucia on your places to dine out list.


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